Single Ukrainian Woman Yuliya from Kiev, Ukraine

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I am told that I am a beautiful, clever, modest and purposeful lady with great ambition in achieving her life goals! I am a lady of cheerful disposition and I try to never lose my temper. Life is too valuable and short to waste it for any games, faults and misunderstanding or arguments! I am someone who love life in all its ways. I am positive, energetic woman, who can`t sit on one place for a too long time. I consider myself as easy-going, in love with life and everything what is around me. I can assure you that you will never get bored with me!! I want to become a reliable friend, a faithful wife, a passionate lover for you!

Single Ukrainian Woman from Kiev, Ukraine

I adore all seasons, especially the summer, winter and sun! I like to swim very much! Also I like all kinds of activities, connected with nature and water! I grew up in a small village and so, I know everything about fishing and camping – believe it or not 🙂 Also I adore hiking! It is really very exciting! Of course it is possible to have fan during the winter! I like skiing and skating. I am a sportive girl and keep in shape. Also I like to walk and especially in some kind of places where it is possible to see a lot of trees and beautiful sights. I like parks very much. I am a very friendly person. I like to spend my time with my friends and family. I invite them to visit me very often. I adore cooking. It is really my big passion and so I usually invite my friends to have dinner together.

I hope here I can find a man that can share my interests and hobbies and will be a strong a shoulder by my side – because of all awesome things in life – love is the most important. Ideal partner… He has to flash me, he has to blow my mind – hard to explain, because for each person it is achieved in a different way, but in any case there should be a spark, fire whatever you call these butterflies in your stomach and of course, a good chemistry. For me, the sense of humor is very important- it`s inevitable – it can help you drive out of many arguments or misunderstandings you have – it makes you keep on going on together further and in a pleasant way. My man should be caring – I need this feeling of being protected, that I can trust and rely on my man… as I am a woman and need a strong man by my side.

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Pretty Ukrainian Bride – Antonina from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

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  It is difficult to talk about myself and I would prefer if someone else described me, but taking into consideration what my friends say about me, I’m reliable, life-loving, optimistic, loyal and compassionate. They say I’m a good friend who never leaves anyone in a trouble and who is always ready to help. As my zodiac sign is Pisces, I am a big dreamer and can sink into my own inner world for some time. 

Guapas Mujeres Rusas

  As for my hobbies,  I like cooking, sewing, drawing, traveling, taking pictures, going to the nature and I adore animals.   

  About my dream man, first of all my man should be a strong individual with clear desires and ideas as to what he wants from life. I also want him to be tender and caring, loyal and faithful, and a bit of a dreamer just like me, so that we could lie on the sofa together and enjoy dreaming of something we wish to experience together. I want him to be honest and trustworthy, a man I can always rely on and find support on his shoulder and who will be a good leader for the family. 

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Beautiful Ukrainian Girl – Aleksandra from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

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My friends best describe me as a laid-back and cheerful girl. I am very happy with every day that comes and I do my best to get the most of life. I have many friends and with my cheerful and friendly nature, I make them easily. But I want to find my beloved man and to create a family and have children in the future. I am faithful and I don`t appreciate lies and people who are not loyal.

Beautiful Ukrainian Girl

To keep busy in my spare time, I have got many different interests. I like to paint and to draw, so I am attracted by arts. I have been doing that professionally for 5 years already. I like dancing very much and I would love if my man like dancing too. When I have free time, I spend it with my friends and family.

My man should be a kind, sympathetic, generous, faithful and happy man. Someone who could make me happy once and forever! It is so nice if we have some common interests and take the time to enjoy life together.

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Single Ukrainian Woman – Elena from Simferopol, Ukraine

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I am a soft, tender, caring and devoted lady. These are words that I can tell about myself. This is the way I feel myself deep inside of me. Though I am young, and that I know the price for this life and love, I accept everything what this life gives me with a great deal of appreciation. I can be happy just living and enjoying each moment of my life, spreading love, positive energy and always hopes for the better 🙂 But there is something what I really dislike about people, and I can`t stand it – I hate betraying and lies. I prefer to know the severe truth than a beautiful lie, so it`s really hard to understand why so many people are dishonest.

Hermosas Mujeres Rusas

About my interests, I do not limit myself with one or two things. I like and enjoy many different sports and i have many hobbies. And, there is a lot to know and learn and to try and see, so maybe my main hobby is discovering! 🙂 Will you let me discover you? 🙂

I am 42 and I am looking for a man who is 40 or older. I am looking for a wonderful, sincere, pure, and strong feeling which has the name of Love from the ancient times 🙂 I want to meet a man who will open the door of this feeling for me, who will show that true love really exists, and it can make miracles happen ! And in my turn, I am ready to devote my intire life, my thoughts, my heart and feelings to the only one who will be my second half…

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Beautiful Russian Woman – Lyubov from Kharkov, Ukraine

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Let me introduce myself: I am temperamental, curious, playful, loyal, cheerful and kind. I am always sincere and very devoted to family, friends and close people – because I am sure that the most important in life is the people who are close to me. I am very romantic and I dream to meet a man with who I will life life to its fullest and who I will make happy and loved.

Belle Femme Russe

I have many interests and hobbies. I am very open-minded, easy-going and I like to learn news about famous people, to learn about different cultures and to visit new places. I like cooking exotic cuisines, especially Caucasian ones, because it is hot and spicy – just like me;)

I am 51 years old and I wish to meet a man who is younger than 60. Of course I would like him to be good-looking, fit, loyal, kind and generous. But in fact I need a man who will become my best friend and greatest love, with whom I will plunge entirely into the all-consuming sea of love, passion and tenderness.

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Beautiful Russian Girl – Olga from Kiev, Ukraine

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People near me say that I’m a very positive person and that I’m easy going. I have positive attitude towards life and all the people around me.

My friends say that I am a very a sociable person who is always ready to help. I love family and children. I like to keep fit and swimming is one of my hobbies. I also like such sports as jogging, aerobics and shooting. I also enjoy playing billiards and of course, I love travelling. I`m a very easy-going person and I can easily find common language with anyone.

Schöne Russische Frauen

I’m 40 years old and I would like to find a man who is first of all reliable, open-minded and intelligent. I would like my future life partner to be between 40 and 56 years old. It would be great if he also had a good sense of humor and as I do, a real love for life. I want us to be one whole and to be mutually complementary.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Woman – Nataliya from Nikolaev, Ukraine

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Beautiful Ukrainian Woman

About the kind of person I am, I can  say that I am a complete personality, a lady of integrity and grace with charm and class. I am kind, able to listen and to show compassion and support to my loved ones. I am an optimistic person and I always believe in something better. I love life and I am always in a good mood.

My interests are quite diversified. I enjoy many things such as reading, listening to music and watching movies. I must confess that cooking is my passion. I like to keep fit and I regularly engage in sports. Among others, swimming and fitness help me in it. I also enjoy all outdoor activities.

At 41, I am looking for a real gentleman, ideally between 40 and 60, who knows how to treat a lady. He should be loyal, respectful, caring and family-oriented. I want to meet a serious and reliable man and to make him happy.

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Beautiful Russian Bride – Oksana from Poltava, Ukraine

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Beautiful Russian Bride

I can be a mystery, I am explosion of emotions, I am outgoing and some times shy 🙂 My soul is very romantic and tender and it demands attention,  care and love. I am demanding to others but I am also very demanding at myself. I know my goals in life and I do my best to make them happen. I’m a hardworking and reliable girl. I like children a lot and family coziness is very important to me. I am direct person, I detest lie and I believe in telling the truth all the time. I know how to be a woman from the capital letter W. I am an intelligent, well-mannered and clever person. I am also very communicative and open to new people and friends in my life 🙂

I like to keep fit and my main hobby is sport. Also I like dancing and singing 🙂 I love outdorrs and I spend a lot of time in the nature. I like reading books and to watch TV. I also like to be with friends and to go many places like cinema, skating ring, cafes, disco, billiard, bowling and attend concerts. And, as every girl, I like shopping.

I am 21 year and I want to meet a man who is between 22 and 36. I want to meet a clever, cheerful, loyal and loving man with a good sense  of humor. I wish him to be sincere, honest, to never lie and to never betray me. I like a man who is stylish and who knows how to really treat a woman 🙂 I wish to find a man who wants a happy family and a stable life with me 🙂

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Beautiful Ukrainian Bride Elena from Sumy, Ukraine

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Beautiful Ukrainian Bride from Sumy, UkraineI am a very cheerful, optimistic, self-confident, loyal and easy-going person. I can also say that I am a gentle, caring, kind, loving, tender and feminine woman. I do not like disputes and sorting out the relationship – I prefer to talk about the problems and to find a compromise. I believe that one day I will make a very good wife and I can’t wait to meet that man. I hope to find and to create a sincere, loving,  interesting and life-long relationship.

At 38 years, I consider myself quite a fit woman, both mentally and physically. I would like to meet a decent and serious man who is between 36 and 50 years old. I hope to meet an even-tempered, kind, joyful, faithful, optimistic and decent man who will become my supportive partner, friend and lover. A man who has maturity, open views to life and the family relationship.

As for my hobbies and interests, I like to read, to communicate with my friends and to learn
something new and interesting everyday. I like to keep my body fit and to do some sports – I really love swimming.

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Single Russian Woman Maya from Mariupol, Ukraine

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Single Russian Woman from Mariupol, Ukraine

My family and friends say that I am a romantic, tender, feminine, caring, sociable, intelligent, kind and loyal woman. I can add that I am very easy going and optimistic. I love life and do my best to enjoy every minute of it. I value real friendship and sincerity in people. I like nature and anything that brings me outdoor. Of course, I like traveling very much and it’s always nice to learn something new. I feel that I can be a loving woman for the man who wants to love and be loved. I am always positive about life in general and I try to get only positive emotions from everyday life. I like to smile and make other people happy and to laugh. I am able to evaluate problems correctly, to hear other people out and to bring support. I love my family and friends and I would like that all my close people were happy.

I think it is important to keep in shape and I enjoy fitness, jogging, swimming and dancing. Traveling occupies an important place in my life and I love seeing new places, to discover different cultures and I hope that one day in the future, I will visit some very romantic places together with my future beloved man. I am very generous woman and it is a pleasure for me to invite my friends for a tasty dinner that I cook  myself. I have a lot to give to my future life partner…

At 27, I am looking for a life partner who is between 25 and 40 years old. I would be glad to hear from you: attractive, intelligent, kind, even-tempered, faithful, responsible, willing to create a great relationship with me. I am looking for a man who is kind, intelligent, generous, open, honest, loyal, cheerful and who has a good sense of humor. I would expect him to be self-confident, independent, loving and caring.

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