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Pretty Ukrainian Bride – Antonina from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Saturday, January 4th, 2014 | Permalink

  It is difficult to talk about myself and I would prefer if someone else described me, but taking into consideration what my friends say about me, I’m reliable, life-loving, optimistic, loyal and compassionate. They say I’m a good friend who never leaves anyone in a trouble and who is always ready to help. As my zodiac sign is Pisces, I am a big dreamer and can sink into my own inner world for some time. 

Guapas Mujeres Rusas

  As for my hobbies,  I like cooking, sewing, drawing, traveling, taking pictures, going to the nature and I adore animals.   

  About my dream man, first of all my man should be a strong individual with clear desires and ideas as to what he wants from life. I also want him to be tender and caring, loyal and faithful, and a bit of a dreamer just like me, so that we could lie on the sofa together and enjoy dreaming of something we wish to experience together. I want him to be honest and trustworthy, a man I can always rely on and find support on his shoulder and who will be a good leader for the family. 

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International Matchmaking and Online Dating

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 | Permalink

With the help of the Internet and international dating sites, more and more singles find each other, sometimes from completely opposite parts of the world. It seems as international matchmaking services and online dating have lifted many of the language barriers and cultural differences.

One of the main reasons for the increase of international couples is the fact that many single men and women who cannot find someone who share their views on a relationship and family will find that someone in another part of the world. For example; many men from countries of the west are family oriented and have difficulty finding such a woman in their own country and in a similar way, many women from eastern European countries are also family oriented and they cannot find a man who share this view in their own country.

Before the availability of the Internet, women would have their profiles and pictures in printed magazines and in the newspapers and men from different parts of the world, mostly the USA, would propose these women to join them and get married without having had a single personal meeting. This is what triggered the mail order brides expression that is still used nowadays, even though, it is not relevant anymore.

International Matchmaking Services to Meet Single Russian Women

Nowadays, no-one has to take such a risk anymore. With a computer and an Internet connection, singles from all over the world can get to know each other quite well. They can exchange letters, photos, videos, share audio-video calls with programs like Skype – and the whole fro free or relatively small amounts of money.

However, a virtual relationship remains …virtual. Most single women from any part of the world will expect their correspondent to go meet them in their own country, preferably in their home town. Since traveling in many foreign countries is associated with challenges due to language differences, most international matchmaking services and online dating sites offer a wide range of services to help their members during the whole process, from getting acquainted through letters to the immigration process that will follow the development of successful relationships.